Outpost Contributes VFX To <i>Nocturnal Animals</i>
December 13, 2016

Outpost Contributes VFX To Nocturnal Animals

BOURNEMOUTH, UK — Outpost VFX (http://outpostvfx.co.uk) provided effects services for 200 shots featured on Universal’s new film, Nocturnal Animals. Directed, co-produced and co-written by Tom Ford, the film is a dark, tense, physiological thriller starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, and Aaron Taylor Johnson. 
The storyline of the film jumps back in time about 18 years, requiring the lead characters to undergo VFX beauty work to make them appear in their early 20s. The studio’s challenge was to strike the perfect balance between youthfulness and realism, with many of the shots being face close ups.

CEO and Outpost supervisor on the project, Duncan McWilliam, was aware from the beginning of the challenges faced by the team. “Each shot was an exercise in craftsmanship and subtlety,” he recalls. “Tom Ford’s vision was that the beauty work looked absolutely real and in no way airbrushed or plastic. It was important to ensure perfect facial continuity across each differently-lit scene and the talented VFX artists certainly achieved this”.  

Principle photography lasted two months, starting from October 2015. Post production was completed in just four weeks from turnover, so all 200 shots were delivered in a particularly tight turnaround.

“This time frame is a huge undertaking for any facility, especially for this type of intricate photo realistic work,” says McWilliams. “I think we can be very proud of what that we achieved. We were able to create subtle, realistic facial beauty and de-ageing shots that seamlessly blended into Tom Ford’s distinct vision. A testament to the dedication of what is a truly incredible team of artists!”

Mark Harris served as post production supervisor and says, “The team at Outpost did a superb job on the VFX for Nocturnal Animals. The quality of work submitted was second to none and we look forward to working with the team again.”