Nvidia Announces VR Ready Program
April 6, 2016

Nvidia Announces VR Ready Program

In an effort to help developers, businesses, OEMs, and independent software vendors on the road to VR, Nvidia has developed the VR Ready program, which ensures they have the tools and techniques to create the best possible professional VR experience.
 To this end, Nvidia is working with top OEMs such as Dell, HP, and Lenovo to offer Nvidia VR Ready professional workstations. So, models like the HP Z240, Z640, and Z840, Dell Precision T5810, T7810, and T7910, and the Lenovo P500, P710, and P900 all come with Nvidia-recommended configurations that meet the minimum requirements for the highest performing VR experience.

Quadro professional GPUs power Nvidia professional VR Ready systems. They make available the Nvidia VRWorks software development kit of VR headset and application developers. VRWorks offers exclusive tools and technologies, including Contextual Priority, Multi-Res Shading, Warp and Blend, Synchronization, GPU Affinity, and GPU Direct, so pro developers can create great VR experience.

Nvidia is also enabling the first professional-class mobile workstations, which lets users take a great VR experience wherever they go. The MSI WT72 is the first Nvidia VR Ready professional laptop. It lets designers, engineers, and others run VR-poered design reviews anywhere, improving product quality and speeding workflows. With it, companies can use immersive technology to train remote employees, for instance.

Nvidia is positioning its GPUs at the heart of VR to handle the high graphics requirements. Head-mounted displays, for instance, require 90 fps, with a display for each eye.

The MSI WT72 VR Ready laptop is the first to use the new Nvidia Maxwell architecture-based Quadro M5500 GPU. With 2,048 CUDA cores, the M5500 is the fastest mobile GPU currently. It's also the first mobile GPU for Nvidia VR Ready professional mobile workstations, optimized for VR professionals with ultra-low latency.