Maxon's Cineversity Releases VR Plug-In & Tutorials
March 9, 2016

Maxon's Cineversity Releases VR Plug-In & Tutorials

NEWBURY PARK, CA — Cineversity (CV), the education and resource Website of Maxon Computer ( for Cinema 4D users, has released CV-VR Cam, a new plug-in available for rendering virtual reality (VR) content. Cineversity is also providing several comprehensive tutorial series to help CG artists learn the technical aspects of creating pre-rendered or interactive VR video content.
Cineversity VR content includes the CV-VR Cam plug-in V.1.5, which allows users to render spherical or cubic monoscopic or stereoscopic VR output. It includes pole merging and supports camera orientation. The accompanying training series shows how to create VR content with Cinema 4D using CV-VR Cam with the Advanced or Physical Render, or with Octane for Cinema 4D.

Also featured is a quick-start series called “Interactive VR with C4D/Unity/Oculus.” The series takes viewers through the process of exporting Cinema 4D project files to the Oculus Rift by way of the Unity Game Engine.

And “Kitchen VR” is a tutorial series that explores the process of using Mettle’s Skybox Studio software and Cineware in After Effects to render a 360-degree VR video of a kitchen. It includes non-photorealistic line drawing as well as final GI renders created with CV-VR Cam.

“With virtual reality content creation entering mainstream entertainment, advertising, video games and more, we’re excited to offer the CV-VR Cam plug-in and necessary foundational training to teach Cinema 4D artists how to create VR content,” says Paul Babb, president/CEO of Maxon US.

“As demand for virtual reality content increases, Cineversity will continue to deliver tools and tutorials to expand Cinema 4D's VR workflow capabilities,” adds Maxon VP of operations, Rick Barrett, who is a frequent contributor of instructional videos to Cineversity and developer of the CV-VR Cam app. “The companion tutorial series cover all the technical aspects of creating a virtual reality experience in an easy-to-use visual format so that artists of any ability can publish VR content.”

CV-VR Cam is available to all Cineversity Premium members via the CV-Toolbox installer, a growing collection of third-party plug-ins, scripts and presets to optimize the Cinema 4D workflow. Premium Cineversity membership is available with all Cinema 4D annual license (MSA) agreements. Cineversity Premium Membership can also be purchased separately on the site.