Lytro Debuts Light Field Capture System
April 12, 2016

Lytro Debuts Light Field Capture System

NAB 2016: MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA — Lytro ( has introduced Lytro Cinema, a new light field solution for film and television production. Designed for visual effects work, Lytro Cinema represents a paradigm shift in the integration of live action footage and computer generated visual effects. 

The rich dataset captured by the system produces a light field master that can be rendered in any format in post production, and enables a range of creative possibilities that have not existed before.

“We are in the early innings of a generational shift from a legacy 2D video world to a 3D volumetric Light Field world,” explains Jason Rosenthal, CEO of Lytro. “Lytro Cinema represents an important step in that evolution. We are excited to help usher in a new era of cinema technology that allows for a broader creative palette than has ever existed before.”

“Lytro Cinema defies traditional physics of on-set capture allowing filmmakers to capture shots that have been impossible up until now,” adds Jon Karafin, head of light field video at Lytro. “Because of the rich data set and depth information, we’re able to virtualize creative camera controls, meaning that decisions that have traditionally been made on set, like focus position and depth of field, can now be made computationally. We’re on the cutting edge of what’s possible in film production.” 

With Lytro Cinema, every frame of a live action scene becomes a 3D model. Every pixel has color and directional and depth properties bringing the control and creative flexibility of computer generated VFX to real world capture. The system opens up new creative avenues for the integration of live action footage and visual effects with capabilities like light field camera tracking and Lytro Depth Screen — the ability to accurately key greenscreens for every object and space in the scene without the need for a greenscreen.

Lytro Cinema captures 755 raw megapixels at up to 300fps. The camera has to 16 stops of dynamic range and wide color gamut. By capturing the entire high resolution light field, Lytro Cinema can produce a Light Field Master. Content can then be rendered in an frame rates and shutter angle. 

Lytro Cinema comprises a camera, server array for storage and processing, which can also be done in the cloud, and software to edit Light Field data. The entire system integrates into existing production and post production workflows.

At NAB, The Virtual Reality Company (VRC) will premiere Life, a light field production directed by Academy Award winner Robert Stromberg, CCO at VRC, and shot by David Stump, chief imaging scientist at VRC.