Lenovo Launches 'Think Revolution' Program
May 20, 2016

Lenovo Launches 'Think Revolution' Program

MORRISVILLE, NC — Lenovo has launched a new microsite that’s part of a customer engagement program. According to Lenovo’s Ashli Sebranek, the Think Revolution Website (www.thinkworkstations.com/thinkrevolution) will continually highlight customers that are “doing industry changing things with their products.”
Out of the gate, Think Revolution features 13 organizations from around the globe that are using Lenovo’s workstations. The company has also partnered with ‘social superfans’ to help promote the company’s message online, and is working with Think Revolutionists, who serve as development advisers to the company. These advisors travel to Lenovo’s headquarters in North Carolina twice a year to meet with marketing and development teams and share their feedback for consideration into the development lifecycle. 

Trojan Horse Was a Unicorn is one participant in the program. The organization hosts meet-ups in Portugal each year, bringing together top VFX artists around the world, who give talks and tips, as well as offer mentorship opportunities. Lenovo is partnering with the group as a lead sponsor this year, extending the meet-ups to other cities around the world.

MX3D in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, is using Lenovo workstations with robots that 3D print metal. The company is currently using the technology to build a pedestrian bridge that will be installed in the city.

The Helping Hand Project develops prosthetic devices for children, with Lenovo’s workstations serving as a key part of the pipeline. The company 3D prints the prosthetics and gives them out for free to children in need.

Yasmeen Smalley-Norman, VP of The Hydrous, a 501c nonprofit, spoke during Lenovo’s press conference. The company use Lenovo’s solutions to map coral reefs around the world. By using photogrammetry, they can measure the surface areas of coral reefs in a non-invasive manner. Smalley-Norman says the group will be bringing eight Lenovo P50 laptops on its next expedition.