Ikinema Launches RunTime-Indie For Small Studios
January 15, 2016

Ikinema Launches RunTime-Indie For Small Studios

GUILDFORD, UK — Ikinema has introduced a small studio version of its full-body IK RunTime middleware. RunTime-Indie is targeted at small, independent studios and is technically identical to RunTime, the full-body solver used by Microsoft, Square Enix and other top publishers to create convincing and realistic motion for characters during game play.
Integrated with Unreal Engine 4, RunTime enables characters to react naturally to ever-changing terrain and environments, and scale obstacles with ease, all in real-time. As a result, VR and game developers are able to deliver astonishingly real animation with totally believable characters.

IKinema has also announced the addition of a full rig editor to both RunTime and RunTime-Indie, enabling developers from studios of all sizes to rig characters – whether human or fantasy – without the use of third party tools. Instead, they can rig directly within the engine, modifying assets and unlocking game play, from locomotion, climbing and foot placement, to pointing props and weapons, reach and look-at.

IKinema CEO Alexandre Pechev says: “The ability to go from rig creation to game usage within Unreal Editor is an advantage in itself but there are other benefits too – simplified workflow and decreased production time, as well as more accurate and realistic animation. And now, with RunTime-Indie, smaller teams can deliver the same exceptional realism as their bigger counterparts.”

RunTime-Indie is available for download on IKinema’s Website (www.ikinema.com/). It does not include console or customer support and is currently available for PC only. Mac, iOS and Android versions are in development.