IKinema Releases IKinema Action 2.0
October 31, 2016

IKinema Releases IKinema Action 2.0

FARNHAM, UK – IKinema, a leader in real-time inverse kinematics, has released its second installment of the company’s real-time post production solution, Action 2.0 for MotionBuilder, used in the development of animation projects for games, film and television.

The software solution has been fully optimized to bring more speed and efficiency to the user. Most notable is the addition of the ACP (Animation Cleaning Pipeline) component, previously exclusive to IKinema’s Action for Maya tool set. The retargeting capabilities has seen a number of significant advancements, including more accurate data transferal between rigs, and the ability to utilize the IK solver instead of traditional FK (forward kinematics).

Production houses are able to slash hours of manual labor in-house or at outsource by introducing the solution at the early stages of an animation pipeline, or at any intermediate stage. By porting the full animation pipeline into Autodesk MotionBuilder, the software eliminates the need to solve tasks externally or interchange data between applications, allowing for a much more efficient workflow with simplified pipelines. 

Delivering superior animations directly from raw data improves overall quality and streamlines production processes. Action 2.0 supports all rigs – generic (human), and non-generic (quadruped and fantasy) creatures of any proportion – meaning it treats all rigs without differentiation.

IKinema Action 2.0 for MotionBuilder is available for Windows platform, and supports Autodesk MotionBuilder 2014–2017. New users can purchase individual licenses for £890. Annual maintenance can be purchased for £267 per license.