HP Boosts Performance Of Z240 Workstation
July 26, 2016

HP Boosts Performance Of Z240 Workstation

PALO ALTO, CA — HP’s Z240 is getting more power thanks to a double-digit boost to its processing and memory. The workstation also adds a software receiver to seamlessly link up Apple, Linux and Windows environments.
The third-generation of HP’s desktop tower workstation now packs up 4.2 GHz of processing power into a system about the size of a carry-on suitcase, delivering high-end performance and reliability at the price point just under $900 USD.

“HP has the expertise to design a system that runs high-performance components at their maximum while delivering outstanding reliability,” says Josh Peterson, vice president, global product management for workstations at HP. “The Z240 is ideal for customers in the video editing, product design, architecture, engineering, education, public sector and image-viewing industries.”

Based on user feedback, the third-gen Z240 workstation offers a powerful set of features that enable extensive customization and collaboration without compromising capacity, performance and reliability.

An integrated M.2 slot allows for expansion cards and connectors, freeing up a PCIe slot to use for HP Z Turbo Drives or other devices like Thunderbolt. N   Next generation Intel processors are featured, along with a choice of Nvidia or AMD graphics. Two optional ultra-fast HP Z Turbo Drives are also available.

The Z240 can be configured with up to 64GB DDR4 ECC memory – a 100 percent increase in memory capacity compared to previous generations. Customers also have a choice of Windows 7, Windows 10 or Linux operating systems.

There are several other features that lend greater usability, too, including optional dust filters and carrying handles on the back and side of the tower. These changes can improve performance and lower time spent on maintenance and troubleshooting over the long haul.

The Z240's components are ISV certified, so they are tested and vetted to work with leading professional software applications. In HP internal tests, the HP Z240 performed 13 percent faster for Autodesk Revit and 12 percent faster for AutoCAD – two key applications for designers and engineers.

The Z240’s newly-integrated HP Remote Graphics Software (RGS) receiver begins shipping next month. The RGS allows users to securely connect Mac or MacBook systems to a Z Workstation and multitask between native Mac OS apps and super-charged Windows or Linux workstation apps, enabling smooth workflows for joint development, interactive edits and design reviews.