Fuel3D Releases New 3D Scanning Software
September 9, 2016

Fuel3D Releases New 3D Scanning Software

OXFORD, UK — Fuel3D (www.fuel-3d.com), a 3D capture and imaging innovator, has announced a significant update to its Fuel3D Studio software, with powerful new features added for professional and business users, including the ability to take accurate measurements within 3D scan models and embed 3D scans into PDF documents.
Fuel3D Studio is the software that powers Scanify, the company’s high speed 3D scanner, and provides users with a wide range of features to support the capture and manipulation of 3D models. The latest release of Fuel3D Studio adds some potent new features as part of a new “Professional” version.

Many of the developments stem from the company’s recent work to deliver custom 3D scanning solutions for companies across a range of industry sectors, where technical innovations developed for customers have now been incorporated into Fuel3D’s commercial software offering.

“Our recent enterprise projects with major industry brands have led to some exciting advances in our software portfolio, including the measurement tools, which we are now making available to users of Fuel3D Studio Professional,” says Stuart Mead, CEO, Fuel3D. “As we continue to work on custom 3D scanning projects across a range of sectors, we expect that software developments and experiences in those sectors will result in further enhancements to our commercial software tools.”

Professionals, or those using 3D scanning as a business tool, can utilize Fuel3D Studio Professional together with the Scanify hardware platform to unlock a number of features.

New measurement tools provide users with the ability to acquire accurate length and area data from their 3D scans in seconds. This is ideal for developing custom-fit products, demonstrating before and after changes, or monitoring change over time. Potential applications include using the tools to capture various measurements of the human form, such as the dimensions of the face, hands or feet.

With Fuel3D Studio’s new 3D PDF capability, users can save their 3D models as a 3D PDF file and easily email them to colleagues. A 3D PDF is a PDF file that combines dynamic, rich 3D data with metadata, text, images, video and forms in a PDF document. 3D PDF files are compact, secure and easy to share, and are completely interactive.
All Fuel3D Studio users can currently access enhanced processing of their scans via Fuel3D’s cloud-based processing option. With this new update, Fuel3D Studio Professional users will also have the opportunity to access offline processing of their scans by using Fuel3D’s latest algorithms on a local computer.
The software is now compatible with OS X, making Scanify available to Mac users for the first time.