Faceware Forms Interactive Division
July 20, 2016

Faceware Forms Interactive Division

LOS ANGELES — Faceware Technologies (www.facewaretech.com), a developer of markerless 3D facial motion capture solutions, has launched Faceware Interactive, a new division focused on the development of software and hardware that can be used in the creation of digital characters with whom real people can interact. 
The company is showcasing some of its early work in this area at the SIGGRAPH 2016 show in Anaheim this month. Faceware’s software technology identifies the movement of an actor’s face from video and applies that movement to a computer-generated character. The company also offers head-mounted and stationary cameras. 

In order to focus more effort in the interactive area, Faceware formed this new division and is investing in research and development of both software and hardware to further enable interactive experiences in the public and professional space.

“By now, we’re all familiar with watching digital characters in movies and games,” says Peter Busch, vice president of business development at Faceware Technologies. “To us, interacting with and through those characters so people can connect on a deeper level is the logical next step. We have much of the underlying technology in place and early efforts point to a promising future full of growth. While we can’t share product information yet, we’ll have some exciting news to share in the near future.”