Eizo Releases 19-inch Square Monitor
November 1, 2016

Eizo Releases 19-inch Square Monitor

CYPRESS, CA — Eizo (www.eizo.com) has released the FlexScan S1934, a 19-inch monitor with a 1280x1024 native resolution. The square monitor is designed for offices and control rooms.

The FlexScan S1934 is the successor to the FlexScan S1933. A DisplayPort input has been added to provide long-term support after a system upgrade. Power consumption is just nine watts during typical operation, which is a 25 percent reduction over the FlexScan S1933. The FlexScan S1934 features an IPS (in-plane switching) LCD panel with a wide 178-degree viewing angle that minimizes color shift and contrast changes when viewing the screen at an angle. An ambient brightness sensor called Auto EcoView adjusts the monitor’s brightness in accordance with changes in the ambient brightness.

A preset mode called paper mode lowers color temperature to reduce the blue light output which can cause eye fatigue. A non-glare screen reduces eye fatigue by dissipating reflective light that otherwise makes the screen difficult to view. Furthermore, the surface of the bezels is treated to prevent light reflection.

The FlexScan S1934 also comes with sRGB and Custom (user-defined settings) preset modes. The user can toggle between modes by pressing a button on the front bezel.

The FlexScan S1934 is now shipping.