Bluefish444 Delivers Driver Update for Adobe, Avid, Assimilate
April 12, 2016

Bluefish444 Delivers Driver Update for Adobe, Avid, Assimilate

NAB 2016: SOUTH MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA — Bluefish444 ( is announcing the immediate availability of a Windows driver update, adding significant 4K and 2K stereo features for SDI and HDMI workflows involving Adobe, Avid and Assimilate.

The Epoch | 4K Neutron range of products has been upgraded to support the two-sample interleave 4K video mode. SMPTE 425-5 is the industry standard for Quad Link 3Gbps SDI, employing two-sample interleave and supported by the industry’s SDI-equipped camera and monitor manufacturers.

The Windows upgrade adds 4K HDMI 30fps video and audio preview via the Epoch | 4K Neutron range for inexpensive 4K monitoring NLE and graphics workflows. It also delivers a new synchronization feature for the Epoch | 4K Neutron Turbo and Epoch | 4K Supernova S+ Turbo. A proprietary signal locks Bluefish444 hardware together ensuring synchronous 4K Quad Link SDI playback eliminating the need for external synch signals simplifying and lowering the cost of 4K SDI reference monitoring.

The Windows 4K SDI/HDMI upgrade for use with Bluefish444 and Adobe CC and Avid Media Composer 8.4 running Windows includes such new features as: support for SMPTE 425-5 4K SDI 2 sample interleave format; 4K HDMI preview up to 30fps; and HDMI audio playout.

For Assimilate Scratch 8, the upgrade includes a number of new features and improvements with Bluefish444, including extended stereoscopic support from HD 24-30fps to 2K/HD 24-60fps; support for Quad Link 4K SDI 425-5 2 sample interleave format, and 4K HDMI Preview up to 30fps.

Bluefish444 Windows installer 5.13.2 is immediately available from the Bluefish444 homepage; Epoch | 4K Supernova S+ range and Epoch | 4K Neutron range are available from authorized Bluefish444 distributors and resellers worldwide.