BOXX Offers Workstations with Latest Quadro Solution
October 7, 2016

BOXX Offers Workstations with Latest Quadro Solution

AUSTIN, TEXAS — BOXX has announced that select APEXX workstations are now available with the new NVIDIA Quadro P5000 and P6000 graphics cards, GPUs designed to improve user experience across a broad range of software applications and industries. BOXX is among the very first hardware manufacturers to offer systems featuring the new graphics cards.

Shoaib Mohammad, BOXX VP of Marketing and Business Development, said, “By integrating the new NVIDIA Quadro P5000 and P6000 GPUs into our APEXX workstations, we’re empowering our customers to solve the most challenging visualization problems, create the most incredibly complex designs, and experience the most lifelike VR environments.”

Powered by NVIDIA Pascal technology, the Quadro P5000 and P6000 are considered the most advanced professional graphics solutions on the market. By combining the latest GPU, memory, and display technologies, the new graphics cards deliver unparalleled performance and capabilities for architects, engineers, product designers, motion media professionals, and virtual reality creators. BOXX offers the GPUs in APEXX 5, APEXX 4, and APEXX 2 model workstations.  

APEXX 5, available with up to four dual slot GPUs, also includes up to two Intel Xeon processors (44 cores) for rendering, simulation, and advanced computation. APEXX 4, also available with four dual slot GPUs and dual Intel Xeon processors (44 cores), includes an optional, overclocked Intel Core i7, making it the premier workstation for single-threaded applications and rendering/simulation. Lastly, the compact, overclocked APEXX 2 accommodates up to two dual slot GPUs for CAD design, 3D modeling, and animation. The inclusion of the new Quadro GPUs in the APEXX workstations enables users to interact naturally and at scale as they visualize problems, validate designs, and rehearse procedures. 

“Virtual reality is changing a host of industries, and as media becomes richer and designs more complex, creative professionals require the most reliable, innovative hardware solutions,” said Mohammad. “APEXX workstations featuring NVIDIA Quadro P5000 and P6000 GPUs deliver the ultimate performance for creating compelling visual stories, innovative new products, groundbreaking architecture, or immersive virtual experiences.”