AJA updates Ki Pro Ultra
April 18, 2016

AJA updates Ki Pro Ultra

LAS VEGAS – AJA Video Systems   (www.aja.com)   has unwrapped Ki Pro Ultra v1.2 firmware, adding 16-channel embedded SDI audio, ExFAT file system, Closed Captioning (CC) and SMPTE 2SI I/O support.

Ki Pro Ultra v1.2 firmware will be available next month as a free download. Ki Pro has long-supported the Mac-based HFS+ file system, and with new ExFAT support, AJA Pak Media will also be compatible with Windows and Linux systems. New 16-channel embedded audio on SDI will expand audio choices and compatibility. Embedded Closed Captioning will allow recording and playback of CC data, and two sample interleave (SMPTE 2SI) I/O support for 4K/Ultra HD will offer greater compatibility with third-party displays, switchers and more.

AJA’s new Pak-Adapt-eSATA will have the same form factor as AJA’s Pak storage modules, with a standard eSATA cable connector offering a flexible media alternative for Ki Pro Ultra and Ki Pro Quad. This new option will allow Ki Pro Ultra and Ki Pro Quad users to utilize eSATA media and eSATA RAIDs. 

Ki Pro Ultra is available through AJA’s worldwide reseller network at $3,995. Pak-Adapt-eSATA will also be available next month through AJA’s worldwide reseller network for $99.