nPower Software Releases Power Surfacing RE for SolidWorks
June 8, 2015

nPower Software Releases Power Surfacing RE for SolidWorks

SAN DIEGO, CA – nPower Software has released a powerful new reverse engineering product, Power Surfacing RE.

Power Surfacing RE is an add-in reverse engineering (RE) product for SolidWorks 3D design software that significantly improves the process for reverse engineering scanned meshes, other mesh data, and SolidWorks geometry within SolidWorks.

Power Surfacing RE is built on top of nPower’s Power Surfacing product. 

Dealing with scanned meshes can be tricky and time consuming. Power Surfacing RE simplifies the process with tools to reference and convert the scanned mesh into “standard” SolidWorks NURBS geometry. Once the scanned mesh is converted into typical SolidWorks geometry, users can apply all the SolidWorks commands normally used on native SolidWorks geometry.

Power Surfacing RE also includes mesh cleanup and preparation tools to simply the reverse engineering process. For example, users can patch/fill holes while maintaining the overall surface continuity, flip faces on inverted meshes, and visually compare the distance between the original mesh and the reverse engineered result.

Power Surfacing RE sells for $2,495.