Xsens Transforms 3D Human Motion Capture into Wearable Tech
February 11, 2015

Xsens Transforms 3D Human Motion Capture into Wearable Tech

ENSCHEDE, THE NETHERLANDS – A technology best known for bringing animated characters to life in games and films is changing how human movement is studied in research and industry.

The new MVN Biomech system from Dutch technology innovator Xsens transforms 3D human motion tracking into a wearable technology that can be used on production lines, sports fields, in vehicles and aircraft, in the home or any location where human body movement needs to be analyzed with high accuracy. See video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fytO8yjtYhw.

The system has a host of applications in ergonomics and human and human machine interaction, biomechanical analysis, rehabilitation, wearables development, and sports medicine.

MVN Biomech comes either as a full-body suit or a strap-based system. It is intuitive and can be set up for use anywhere, within minutes. Based on lightweight, wearable inertial sensors, MVN Biomech is highly portable, fitting into an average-sized backpack.

The system channels wireless sensor data through biomechanical models and sensor fusion algorithms before visualizing them in real time in Xsens’ own MVN Studio Biomech software or in application-specific packages.

MVN Biomech is available now with prices starting from €20 000 (approximately $22,600 US).