Wacom Moving HQ to Portland
March 13, 2015

Wacom Moving HQ to Portland

VANCOUVER, WA – Wacom Technology Corporation will expand its operations and move its Americas headquarters from its current Vancouver, Washington, site to Portland, Oregon.

The Vancouver site currently employs approximately 160 people and no job losses will occur with the move. Wacom’s parent company, based in Tokyo, Japan, has been manufacturing and marketing its family of digital pen and touch technologies to creative professionals and enthusiasts since it opened its doors in 1983. 

Wacom’s new location, a 55,000-square-foot office building in the heart of Portland’s Pearl District, will have room to accommodate all of Wacom’s employees from the current Vancouver facility, with space for new hires as the company expands its global reach. Some staff will continue working in its Vancouver Repair Lab, in a “regional annex.” 

“The energy and creative spirit of Portland as well as its burgeoning technology industry made Portland a logical choice for a new location here in the US,” said Wacom COO, Aaron Atkinson. Atkinson noted that by keeping Wacom in the region, its efficient operations and growth trajectory can continue with local channel partner consultants in marketing, legal and other services, as well as its executive leadership, employees and internal local strategy team. 

In addition to the employees’ new space, the ground floor of the new office will feature 3,400 square feet of retail space with the company’s full line of creative input devices, as well as a learning center where classes, seminars and guest appearances will be held for Portland’s vibrant creative community. 

Wacom Technology Corporation intends to commence and complete its move to Portland in the spring of 2016.