Vicon Introduces Intelligent, New Camera Platform
July 1, 2015

Vicon Introduces Intelligent, New Camera Platform

OXFORD, UK – Vicon, a motion capture (mocap) technology specialist for the entertainment, engineering and life sciences industries, has launched its intelligent new flagship camera platform, Vicon Vantage.

The Vantage platform combines industry-leading technology with accessible design to open up motion capture to a broader audience. Advances in camera technology have led to a burgeoning demand for mocap across an ever wider range of applications. To meet the needs of a diversifying audience, Vantage combines advanced, powerful features with added intelligence, making it easy to use and accessible for this new generation of motion capture applications.

Vicon Vantage has been intelligently designed to work cohesively with each of its components to provide up to the minute information to the system operator. It continuously monitors its performance with a host of new sensors, giving the user visual feedback through the on-board camera display, in the software and on Vicon’s new tablet application, Control. This gives users the opportunity to make adjustments on the fly, ensuring a ‘right first time’ approach.

The Vantage range not only continues Vicon’s long-held, industry-leading 16 megapixel resolution, but also includes completely re-engineered processing algorithms and tracking capabilities that fundamentally improve performance over previous generations. This combination of features captures a higher quality of data, providing key benefits to the entertainment, engineering and medical sciences industries.

Vicon’s new Control iOS app frees the user from the capture PC. Operators can remotely change camera settings, calibrate, and start and stop capture, turning what was traditionally a multiple crew setup into a one-person job. By implementing touch sensitive commands, Vantage cameras can simply be selected and monitored in the Control app in real time – providing users with a highly efficient and flexible system.

Vantage is svailable in three models (V16, V8 and V5) and three resolutions (16, 8 and 5 megapixels).

Vicon Control will be available in July from the App Store and will be coming to Android soon.