The Foundry Releases Modo 902
December 15, 2015

The Foundry Releases Modo 902

LONDON — Just months after delivering the feature-packed animation release Modo 901, The Foundry ( has introduced an upgraded version, Modo 902. The latest version adds a focused toolset for digital matte painting and virtual camera creation, making it faster and easier to match the authentic with the synthetic. The Foundry sees Modo 902 as well suited for jobs requiring set extensions and product placement. 
Users of Modo 2 can now create virtual cameras that match a still image simply by drawing on screen. They can also project images into texture channels or use a special projection shader. Projection ink can be used to paint textures directly onto UV-mapped geometry. And pros can now create and layer image planes that automatically fill the screen at any depth.

Additional features include the ability to use image metadata to match Modo’s physical sun to the real-world setting. Pros can also stage and compose shots with new screen overlay guides.

The Foundry is offering a 30-day free trial, and Digital-Tutors is offering training that covers the latest features.