Speakers Revealed for Virtualize 2015
October 8, 2015

Speakers Revealed for Virtualize 2015

Jon Peddie Research (JPR) is hosting the Virtualize Conference on October 29 at the Hyatt Burlingame in San Francisco.

Virtualization represents one of the most transformational and least understood technologies to come along in a decade of computing revolution. JPR is planning a lively and interesting conference for participants. Attendees will leave this conference with new ideas about what the virtualization of GPUs means to their work. 

Discussions at this year's conference will include how virtualization in entertainment and gaming is influencing the way virtualization is being rolled out in businesses. One of the trends JPR is seeing is small companies using virtualization to compete with large companies.

This year the conference will have a panel to discuss the all-important topic of performance in virtualization. The SPEC Organization has been working on standards for benchmarking virtualized semiconductors. The GPU makers have their own thoughts on the subject as well. JPR expects this to be a hot topic at the conference.

Virtualize 2015 will bring together customers, vendors, and innovators. This is a great opportunity to learn, network with peers, and meet the suppliers.

So, what does all this mean to attendees? What can they expect if their company adopts virtualization technologies for mission-critical applications? Virtualize will provide a comfortable forum to ask questions and get answers.

Speakers include inventor Jack McCauley, Vice President of Engineering at Oculus VR. Jack will join innovators from the game industry who will talk about how virtualized resources are enabling new forms of communication and game play, and shared experiences.

Brad Skelton, CTO at Hexagon Geospatial will talk about how his company is providing secure access to GIS and point cloud data.

Gary Radburne, head of workstation virtualization at Dell and Phil Eisler general manager for Nvidia's GRID cloud computing, will talk about the new usage models they're seeing. 

Industry analysts Jon Peddie, Nathan Brookwood, and Kevin Krewell will lead the panel discussions.

Sponsor representatives from Dell, Nvidia, Numecent, AMD, and Lenovo will be on hand to demonstrate their technology and talk about how they're seeing virtualization play out.

Register at JPR (www.jonpeddie.com/events/checkout#page-Speakers. Use promo code JPR_VIP_Virtualize15 to receive a 20% discount.