Soar Technology Partners With Epic Games For Unreal Engine 4 Support
December 2, 2015

Soar Technology Partners With Epic Games For Unreal Engine 4 Support

ANN ARBOR, MI — Epic Games has selected Soar Technology, Inc. ( as its official partner to provide licensing, support, training and development services for Unreal Engine 4 in government and military applications.
The Unreal Engine has long been known for world-class graphics and a robust toolset for building realistic, interactive experiences. Chosen by over a million developers, Unreal Engine 4 is Epic’s newest game engine technology for creating high-fidelity, real-time experiences for PC, console, VR, mobile and the Web. SoarTech has 17 years of experience as a highly innovative Government and military contractor providing research and development services for military and Government simulations, serious games and artificial intelligence.

“We’re excited to be partnering with SoarTech,” says Joe Kreiner, Unreal Engine licensing manager for the Americas. “SoarTech’s long history of success in Government and military research and development makes them uniquely suited to support the application of the UE4 in this market sector.”

UE4 is a complete suite of development tools made by developers for developers. UE4 is available in its entirety, including full C++ source code access, free of charge and royalty-free for consulting and work-for-hire services including Government organizations and Government contractors under a standard EULA. This pertains to applications including 3D visualizations, training simulators, and movies.

Customized license agreements are also available. Via this partnership Epic has granted SoarTech the ability to tailor license agreements for U.S. Government organizations and U.S. Government contractors. In addition, SoarTech in collaboration with Epic will offer technical support services, training services, and development services.

“SoarTech is delighted to be partnering with Epic to represent Unreal Engine 4 in the Government and military sector,” says Dr. Michael van Lent, SoarTech president and CEO. “UE4 represents the cutting edge of game technology and, with a free licensing model available and full source code access, it offers a best of breed solution at an unmatched value. Further, this relationship provides an opportunity to leverage SoarTech’s artificial intelligence technologies to explore how UE4 can make our warfighters more prepared, more informed and more capable.”

Kate Harding, SoarTech’s COO and executive VP, will be leading SoarTech’s side of this partnership along with Eric Ortiz, project manager and producer. Ortiz recently joined Soartech and has over 20 years experience working with gaming engines and military simulations for training.