SCAD Talent Recognized With Red Dot Awards For Communication Design
September 17, 2015

SCAD Talent Recognized With Red Dot Awards For Communication Design

SAVANNAH, GA — Eleven students and alumni from the Savannah College of Art and Design ( were awarded seven wins in the prestigious Red Dot Awards for Communication Design. 
A jury of international design experts selected student Jing Li (M.F.A., illustration), who won four awards for Illustration, and alumnus Diego Penuela (M.F.A., illustration, 2014), who collected one award for Editorial Illustration. Two SCAD teams were also recognized for their projects. The winning team for “N0-A” includes Nicholas Lawrence (B.F.A., sound design, 2015), Thomas Schmidt (B.F.A., sound design, 2015), Liam Murphy (B.F.A., animation, 2015), Matt Yocum (B.F.A., sound design), and Kai Paquin (B.F.A., sound design). The winning team for “Sea Odyssey” includes: Adam Nelson (B.F.A., film and television, 2015), Tate McCurdy (B.F.A., film and television, 2015), Alex Previty (B.F.A., sound design, 2013), and Beau Jimenez (B.F.A., sound design, 2014).

"RedDot's recognition of the outstanding work of SCAD students and graduates confirms what I observe on a daily basis — our university is educating the next leaders in creative professions,” says SCAD president and founder Paula Wallace. “I commend our award winners for elevating SCAD's record of achievement in this global competition."
Red Dot Awards are a coveted prize from German authority Design Zentrum. The Red Dot Awards promote knowledge, research and education in design key to economic advancement and technological innovation. The annual competition draws more than 11,000 submissions from roughly 60 countries across the globe, making it one of the most ambitious worldwide competitions in design. This year, 569 entries were chosen for awards in 17 categories in Communication Design.
The Red Dot recognition ceremony will be held on Friday, November 6th at the Konzerthaus Berlin in Berlin, Germany.