Public Beta of Houdini Engine for Cinema 4D Kicks Off
June 22, 2015

Public Beta of Houdini Engine for Cinema 4D Kicks Off

FRIEDRICHSDORF, GERMANY  Side Effects Software and Maxon have begun a public beta of the Houdini Engine for Cinema 4D.  

The Houdini Engine was introduced in 2013 on SideFX Labs and is designed to allow Houdini’s procedural technology to work inside other digital content creation applications. Studios can build custom effects using the Houdini Engine API and give access to artists using Maxon Cinema 4D.

The connectivity of the Houdini Engine with Cinema 4D brings two applications together with individual strengths in different sectors and will boost comfort and performance for all users. Houdini offers completely new possibilities for Cinema 4D users for simulations, creating and using complex digital assets and procedurals, and node-based workflow. Houdini users will benefit from Cinema 4D’s intuitive workflow, interoperability with industry-leading applications, ease of use, speed and dependability.

Especially in studio environments, complex parts of the workflow are tasked to technical directors who create elaborate assets and define the required parameters for use by less technically oriented artists. This is where the integration of the Houdini Engine in Cinema 4D builds the bridges that help accelerate production and successfully complete production. 

Optimized effects and objects for Cinema 4D are available for free from Side Effects in the Orbolt Store – the online marketplace for Houdini Digital Assets (HDAs). Artists with no experience working with Houdini can access these assets directly so they can see which possibilities this new integration has to offer!

Users are asked to keep in mind they are installing a beta software. Even though the plug-in is already very stable system crashes with possible loss of data can occur.