Project Dreamspace Presents First Year's Findings at FMX 2015
May 1, 2015

Project Dreamspace Presents First Year's Findings at FMX 2015

STUTTGART, GERMANY – Project Dreamspace, a three-year European Commission-funded project tasked with researching and developing tools for creative professionals in visual effects, will present its first year’s findings, focused on the technical components necessary to enable virtual production, at FMX 2015.  

The Project Dreamspace consortium, comprising leading VFX thinkers from the education, research and commercial sectors, is tackling critical issues around collaborative workflows and combining live performances, video and computer-generated imagery in real time. Members from the group, including The Foundry, ncam, Stargate Germany, CreW, Saarland University, iMinds and Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg, will share the findings with FMX attendees on Tower A between the Market Place and Recruiting areas.

“As virtual and augmented reality continue to command attention from content creators, our main challenge remains finding ways in which complex, highly technical content can be created faster, with more flexibility and creativity.” said Jon Starck, head of Research at The Foundry and technical coordinator for Project Dreamspace.

Key findings the group will present include:

  • Markerless camera tracking with depth keying
  •  Omnidirectional video for virtual sets,
  • Lighting capture to match real and virtual lights,
  •  Interchangeable real-time and high-quality rendering
  •  Real-time compositing connected to post-production,
  • On-set tools for intuitive and collaborative set-up and visualization
  • New immersive experiences

As part of its work, Project Dreamspace runs a series of experimental productions to test new technologies with directors, designers and artists, as well as new immersive experiences. Examples of the tests can be found under the Productions section of the Project Dreamspace website. In addition, a number of the Project Dreamspace members will present at FMX.