Partnership Results in MakerBot Kit for MODO
January 7, 2015

Partnership Results in MakerBot Kit for MODO

LAS VEGAS – MakerBot, a leader in the desktop 3D printing industry, and The Foundry, a provider of creative software, introduced the MakerBot Kit for MODO at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Shows (CES). 
With the MakerBot Kit for MODO, for the first time, users can create and edit designs using The Foundry’s powerful MODO 801 capabilities and publish the files directly to MakerBot’s, or save them privately using the MakerBot Cloud Library, all from within MODO.
Thingiverse is one of the largest 3D design communities in the world, offering more than 500,000 downloadable digital 3D files, and is one of the best places for viewing, sharing and downloading 3D printable files. MODO 801 is a 3D modeling, animation, visual effects and rendering software package. The MakerBot Kit for MODO uses the Thingiverse and MakerBot Cloud Library APIs and is one of the first commercial applications of the API for 3D design and printing.
This innovative 3D design and printing solution is part of the companies’ strategic partnership, optimizing the 3D workflow to enable easier and faster creation and printing of 3D objects. The partnership, first announced earlier last year, was designed to revolutionize the 3D printing workflow for MODO users. 
With the MakerBot Kit for MODO, Thingiverse users for the first time have a powerful, integrated tool with which they can create their own 3D designs or expand upon other people’s designs, using common interfaces and file formats. Users can then easily and seamlessly push their creative work to Thingiverse or the MakerBot Cloud Library and access those files through their personal MakerBot Cloud Library via MakerBot Desktop, MakerBot Mobile or MakerBot PrintShop. The collective result is the elevation of both the quality and quantity of things created through 3D printing.