Organic Motion Debuts Realtime VR Content Creation Studio
September 23, 2015

Organic Motion Debuts Realtime VR Content Creation Studio

NEW YORK — Organic Motion ( has unveiled RealityCapture Live, a realtime Virtual Reality content creation studio. The company is offering a limited number of RealityCapture Live Development Kits for a discounted price of $995.
Based on the company’s markerless motion capture technology, RealityCapture Live allows people to directly create 3D virtual world assets without the need to scan, model, or character rig. Whatever appears on the RealityCapture Live stage can be streamed or recorded for later re-broadcast and retrieval, making it well suited for broadcast and Internet-based interactive opportunities.

“We are excited to solve one of the biggest issues VR faces today: how to generate rapid 3D content in ways that are compatible with traditional TV, Web and film content creation pipelines,” says Andrew Tschesnok, CEO of OM. “Think of it as a 3D greenscreen setup, except there is no greenscreen and the assets are live in full view-point-independent 3D.”
RealityCapture Live works as a realtime 3D scanner, which captures both actors and props on a stage, and immediately streams the content over the Internet into VR worlds. Instead of controlling avatars or virtual characters, the system provides full 3D geometry of subjects, with complete volume and facial scans. 
RealityCapture Live is built on top of the company’s OpenStage system. Shipping in Q1 2016, new dev kit includes 14 HD USB3 cameras with full image processing capabilities. The system requires bandwidth capabilities similar to HD video streaming, which will allows for massive scalability of the architecture from peer to peer broadcasts, to massive VR scenarios like concerts or sports performances. Existing OpenStage customers with active service contracts will be able to install RealityCapture Live with a free software upgrade.