New Adele Video Shot In IMAX
October 26, 2015

New Adele Video Shot In IMAX

LONDON — XL Recordings Limited’s artist Adele recently released the video for Hello, the first track off her forthcoming album, “25.” Directed by Xavier Dolan, the video was produced by Believe Media. It plays as a short film whose lush visual style and powerful performance match the song’s emotional tone. The Wire’s Tristan Wilds plays the singer’s lover.

Imagery for the video exactly matches Dolan’s initial vision for the song. He met Adele in London last summer and was one of the first to hear the “Hello” track. In September, Adele went to Quebec, where Dolan and his team shot the video in the IMAX format, making it one of the first to take advantage of the large-scale theatrical format.

The video alternates between past and present. Adele is in the present, reflecting on a relationship, and the viewer sees scenes play out from her perspective. As if in a century-old photograph, she is shown in the romantic haze of reflection, contrasted with the dynamic energy of life with him as it was actually lived.

Imagery was captured in 18K resolution by cinematographer Andre Turpin. Dolan edited the project, which runs 6:07.