Mixamo 2.0 In General Release
May 14, 2015

Mixamo 2.0 In General Release

Mixamo has released Mixamo 2.0 from beta to the general public. 

Mixamo 2.0 is a major upgrade to the compay’s online 3D character creation platform first announced in February. To celebrate the launch, users can download all Fuse characters auto-rigged on Mixamo for free.

The new Mixamointerface is designed to help users save time with a 10x faster, plug-in free 3D viewer. Viewing 3D content on Mixamo is now a brighter, sharper, faster, experience. The company built the Mixamo Store on a brand-new framework utilizing WebGL technology, which renders 3D and 2D graphics inside any modern web browser.

In the past, users had to install the Unity Web Player plug-in to view content on Mixamo’s original site. But plug-ins are annoying to install, difficult to constantly update, and modern web browsers like Chrome have stopped supporting older plugin architectures. That’s why Mixamo made the transition away from the plug-in – to make sure that all Mixamo visitors can see a faster, higher-fidelity image without needing an install. 

With Mixamo 2.0, sers can customize content by creating their own animation packs, and stay organized by finding assets, editing animations and Auto-Rigging all in one place. Assets can be integrated into the game engine with new bulk download and export settings, making the process faster than before.

Mixamo 2.0 features 22 curated animation packs, making it easy to grab complete sets of animations that work together immediately, and the animation collection is always growing. Users can modify their pack’s content so that it includes only what works for their project.