MPC, Fabric Software Offer Fabric for RenderMan
July 17, 2015

MPC, Fabric Software Offer Fabric for RenderMan

MONTREAL – MPC and Fabric Software are collaborating to integrate the Fabric Engine development framework with Pixar Animation Studios’ RenderMan.  

Initially developed by MPC, Fabric for Pixar’s RenderMan is an extension to Fabric Engine that enables technical artists to leverage the renderer from within Fabric, either directly from Fabric’s KL language or using the Canvas visual programming system.

Fabric for RenderMan provides full binding to the RenderMan Interface and Ric API (ri.h and Ric.h), giving users access to these functions natively in Fabric, enabling efficient workflows such as lighting and shader authoring. More information and videos are available here:

Fabric for RenderMan will be available to Fabric Engine 2 beta testers later this month (July 2015).