IntegrityWare Releases Power Surfacing 2.0
January 6, 2015

IntegrityWare Releases Power Surfacing 2.0

SAN DIEGO, CA – nPower Software has unveiled the 2.0 release of its Power Surfacing product.
Power Surfacing is an industrial design plug-in product for SolidWorks 3D design software that significantly improves the design process for modeling organic, freeform surfaces in SolidWorks.
Power Surfacing 2.0, with support for SolidWorks 2015, greatly improves the ability to integrate organic/freeform design with mechnical/functional design. Power Surfacing integrates subdivision surface (sub-D) modeling (with freeform surface modeling) into the SolidWorks product, enabling SolidWorks customers to design freeform "Class A" surfaces quickly and easily. 

The 2.0 version enhances the ability to integrate sub-D design with typical NURBS models. Power Surfacing now supports parametric sub-D design, tangential connectivity to SolidWorks surfaces and solids, constraints to connect to SolidWorks geometry, level-of-detail editing, and curvature analysis/display tools to facilitate optimal surface smoothness. Once converted into a native SolidWorks part, Power Surfacing sub-D models are treated just as if they had been created with traditional SolidWorks tools, so SolidWorks features like Booleans, fillets, shells, and so forth can be applied to the Power Surfacing bodies. 

Power Surfacing 2.0 costs $1,495.