House of Moves Reveals Agile Animation Pipeline
September 14, 2015

House of Moves Reveals Agile Animation Pipeline

LOS ANGELES – House of Moves, a full-service motion capture and key frame animation company, is announcing a new groundbreaking technology suite, codenamed Helibug. 

House of Moves CEO Brian Rausch reveals this proprietary process that radically rethinks the production of both linear and interactive content creation, resulting in improved time and cost efficiencies. Additionally, the technology gives users the ability to redistribute content across multiple mediums including, feature films, viral videos, advertisements, games, virtual reality and more. 

“The Helibug technology has the ability to disrupt the animation industry,” said Rausch. "We shoot like it's theatre, edit like it's TV and animate like it's film. Due to the collaborative nature of the Helibug technology, our clients can continuously adjust creative choices, sometimes hours before the final picture is complete.”

In late 2014, the management-led buyout from parent company OMG plc furthered House of Moves’ trajectory to becoming a full-service creative animation studio.