HP Reveals Autodesk SketchBook For Sprout
September 15, 2015

HP Reveals Autodesk SketchBook For Sprout

PALO ALTO, CA — HP (www.hp.com) has announced the availability of Autodesk SketchBook for Sprout by HP, a new immersive computer. HP has also updated Sprout’s 3D Capture application with improvements to speed 3D content creation for professionals. The free Autodesk SketchBook and 3D Capture application downloads are available from the Sprout Marketplace.
“As more prosumers and commercial users incorporate Sprout into workflows, key applications from premier developers like Autodesk will propel the use of immersive platforms,” said Eric Monsef, Highly Immersive Systems, HP. “Our application partners are nurturing a new generation of creators to fuel design and printing.” 
Autodesk SketchBook, a digital drawing and painting application with over 40 million users, will take advantage of Sprout’s dual screen and touch/stylus-supported interface. SketchBook is the second new graphic design application for Sprout users.
SketchBook users will appreciate scanning objects directly into the application using common tools and the zooming capability provided by Sprout’s touch workspace horizontal mat.  The resulting full image or object can be viewed on Sprout’s 20-inch diagonal display. 
“SketchBook for Sprout will develop a new generation of artists, designers, and creatives that can take advantage of the immersive computing platform,” said Samir Hanna, vice president and general manager Consumer and 3D Printing, Autodesk. “SketchBook on Sprout will open doors to new uses for individuals and companies needing to combine digital assets and physical elements to truly enhance their projects.”

With just a few button taps, the Sprout 3D Capture application creates a full 3D digital model that can be manipulated, shared or printed. The September automated update of Sprout software will include free enhancements that reduce scanning cycles by 25 percent and allow professional users to minimize the scanning cycle as soon as they see an acceptable 3D scan.