Germany To Host Animago Conference
October 1, 2015

Germany To Host Animago Conference

MUNICH, GERMANY — The Animago Award & Conference will take place on October 15th and 16th, offering keynote speeches, lectures and workshops. The event brings together the creative community and digital industry professionals while exploring topics such as 3D animation & stills, visual effects and visualization. The Animago Award has been honoring outstanding productions for their technical expertise and creativity in these areas since 1997. Submissions are judged by an independent jury consisting of experts in the fields of film, development and post production.
Highlights of this year´s conference program include:
- Kyle Balda - Director at Illumination Mac Guff, France
Topic: "Finding the Character of the Minions"
- Laurie Brugger - Head of Rigging at Framestore, United Kingdom
Topic: “Paddington: Building the Bear”
- Mike Chapman - CG Lead at The Mill, United Kingdom
Topic: “Making the unbelievable, believable; A case study of Audi ‘Birth’”

- Gareth Cowen - Previs Artist Lead/Supervisor at The Third Floor, United Kingdom
Topic: “Fix it in Pre: How productions use previs and the role that The Third Floor plays”

- Florian Friedmann - Animation TD at Pixomondo Stuttgart, Germany
Topic: “Creating the dragons of ‘Game of Thrones’”

- Florian Gellinger - VFX Supervisor at RISE | Visual Effects Studios, Germany
Topic:  “How the Gang from R.I.S.E. helped Guy Ritchie's ‘The Man from U.N.C.L.E.’”

- Matthew Luhn - Story Supervisor at Pixar Animation Studios, USA
Topic: “The Art of Story”

- Matthias Menz - Lighting Supervisor at Weta Digital Ltd., New Zealand
Topic: “The Art of Lighting Principles of classic Cinematography in digital Filmmaking”

- Sheldon Stopsack - VFX Supervisor at The Moving Picture Company (MPC), United Kingdom
Topic: “MPC present: Bringing Arnold “back” for ‘Terminator: Genisys’”

Nicolas Trout - co Head Animation / Executive Producer and Simon Thomas | co Head Animation / Creative Director bei Mikros Image, France
Topic: “Asterix The Mansion Of Gods”

This year’s conference will also feature special guest speakers from Finland and Estonia. The Animago will welcome Troll VFX (Finland) and FrostFX (Estonia). In their making-of, Anti Kulmala and Samuli Torsson from Troll VFX will provide insights into the wonderful world of Iron Sky. And in a presentation titled "Digital Liquids: Aesthetics of Liquid Simulation," Marko Post from FrostFX will use the latest technology to show what kind of realistic results can be achieved in the field of liquid simulation.
In addition to product presentations showcasing all the latest technologies generated by software and hardware companies, there will also be two discussions focusing on current industry themes in the Animago tradeshow area. Annegret Richter (Managing Director AG Animationsfilm e.V.) will present the topic “Made in Germany!” - How to keep talents and productions in the country and make the animation scene grow.“ The participants will be Katy Peichert (Wooga Berlin), Mate Steinforth (Sehsucht Berlin) and Jonathan Webber (The Big-B Animation Co.).

Professor Michael Coldewey (CEO Trixter Film) will talk with guests Robert Hranitzky (freelancer), Nico Ostermann (digital studios) and Alex Weimer, plus Tom Schirdewahn (MovieBrats) about “VFX Industry today: Between a self-exploitation for Independent Films and big orders for US Blockbuster.”

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