Free RenderMan for Noncommercial Use
March 24, 2015

Free RenderMan for Noncommercial Use

Pixar’s RenderMan can be found in the pipelines of many studios that use it for high-end projects. Now digital artists everywhere can experience the power of this Academy Award-winning software.
That’s because Pixar has released its RenderMan software for free for noncommercial use.

The software can be used for research, education, evaluation, plug-in development and any personal projects that do not generate commercial profits. Free noncommercial RenderMan also is fully featured, without watermark, time limits or other user limitations.

Featuring Pixar’s new RIS technology, RenderMan delivers extremely fast global illumination and interactive shading and lighting for artists. Currently in use at many studios, RIS is fast, robust and changing how movies are made.

In conjunction with the release, Pixar has also launched a new RenderMan Community site where users can exchange knowledge and resources, showcase their own work, share assets such as shaders and scripts, and learn about RenderMan from tutorials created by the best in the community.