English Version Of Vectorworks 2016 Now Available
September 16, 2015

English Version Of Vectorworks 2016 Now Available

COLUMBIA, MD — Vectorworks, Inc. (www.vectorworks.net), formerly Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc., has released Vectorworks 2016, which includes more than 100 updates and features for its CAD and BIM design solutions, including Vectorworks Designer, Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, Fundamentals and Renderworks. From streamlined project sharing, graphical scripting and point cloud support, to subdivision modeling and a system that measures a design's energy performance, users will be poised to generate, define, build and explore form and function through enhanced workflows and improved design processes.
"Designers know that the successful development of their best ideas requires flexibility and precision while leaving open the opportunity for discovery. That's why Vectorworks 2016 software empowers creativity throughout the entire process – particularly in a BIM workflow,” says Sean Flaherty, CEO at Vectorworks. "Over our 30-year history, we’ve always looked to our users for feedback to improve our software. As we move forward under our new brand with the release of Vectorworks 2016, we will continue to turn to them, both as a company inspired by great design and as a creator of tools that work how designers think, enabling visionaries to explore, model and solve their next design challenge all in one software package.”

To fully support Vectorworks' customer-centric philosophy, over 70 percent of the 2016 version's updates and features were born from customer feedback, with the entire research and development efforts for the new release led by the company's CTO Dr. Biplab Sarkar. 

"Delivering accurate modeling information while remaining true to a designer's vision is the pivotal point of any artistic enterprise," says Sarkar. "Vectorworks 2016 software's first-class tools and customizable workflows give you more resources than ever to design with confidence and precision, no matter your discipline, while supporting the creative process."

The announcement marks the beginning of Vectorworks 2016's worldwide rollout, which continues with the release of localized versions in nine additional languages over the next several months. Some of the tools and features in this release include: Project Sharing,
Subdivision Modeling, Marionette, Energos, Point Cloud Support, Roof Components and Styles.

The Landmark Site Modifier and Hardscape Tool improvements help landscape professionals and urban planners design more efficiently and be more creative with pavements and walkways, including sloping hardscapes. 

Spotlight Improvements offer tools to design and document overhead stage rigging, create stages and quickly access symbols to explore any idea imaginable.

Several new features and improvements in the Renderworks module include an upgraded Maxon Cinema 4D render engine, Caustic Capabilities with refraction of light through translucent surfaces, Ambient Occlusion that adds depth to designs with more realistic shadowing and the New Grass Shader, as well as new camera effects, such as depth of field, exposure, vignette and bloom, allow for more realistic and striking visualizations and animations.

The English-language version of Vectorworks 2016 software is available to Vectorworks Service Select customers by download. Shipping of the English-language version to all other customers will begin on September 23, 2015