E-on Software Updates Offerings
April 1, 2015

E-on Software Updates Offerings

BEAVERTON, OR – e-on software has announced the immediate availability of its PlantFactory 2015 product line and VUE xStream 2015 and VUE Infinite 2015 digital nature solutions for CG professionals. 

PlantFactory is a 3D vegetation modeling, animation and rendering software, dedicated to the CG, SFX, architecture and gaming communities.

The PlantFactory product line comprises three main products, plus two specialty versions, each of which addresses specific customer needs and budgets. The commercial versions are shipping now, while the specialty versions will be available in the second quarter.

  • PlantFactory Designer ($495) lets users create beautiful photoreal 3D plants and export them as static 3D meshes for use in other applications.
  • PlantFactory Studio ($995) is for animating plants for professional use.  
  • PlantFactory Producer ($1,995) is ideal for production studios and enables the authoring of fully animated 3D plants in concert with the studio’s production workflow. 
  • PlantFactory Exporter (free) is for exporting plants to any 3D application. 
  • PlantFactory Artist ($199) enables plant customization for VUE artists.  

The improvements in VUE 2015 include faster rendering, improved overall performance, a new non-photorealistic renderer, a redesigned interface that users can customize to their liking, a new displacement mapping engine and more.

VUE xStream 2015 retails for $1,995 (with one-year maintenance), and upgrades start at $659. VUE Infinite 2015 sells for $1,495 (with one-year maintenance), with upgrades starting at $539. 

Other products in the VUE 2015 product line – Pioneer, Esprit, Studio and Complete – will be released later in the second quarter.