Digital-Tutors/Pluralsight  Opens Online Library Free for Period in Celebration of Code School Acquisition
January 26, 2015

Digital-Tutors/Pluralsight Opens Online Library Free for Period in Celebration of Code School Acquisition

Digital-Tutors, the world’s largest creative and technical training library, is offering free access to its training library for 72 hours in celebration of a new addition to the Pluralsight network, Code School. The Pluralsight and Code School libraries are also included.
From Monday, January 26, at 2 p.m. EST to Friday, January 30, at 12 p.m. EST, anyone can sign up and start a 72-hour free membership by registering on Digital-Tutors + Pluralsight (same account) and/or Code School (separate account).

During a 72-hour window that starts at sign up, registrants can watch more than 4,000 creative and tech courses in VFX, CAD, HTML, and IT. Training options include everything from Photoshop, Maya, Nuke and V-Ray plus various programming languages with Code School’s signature interactive training.

“We recognize there are numerous ways to learn and are committed to bringing new learning styles to the Pluralsight family of products,” said Aaron Skonnard, CEO and co-founder of Pluralsight. “Together we will continue to help professionals remain relevant and ensure businesses stay on top of the latest trends and technologies.”

The free access to Digital-Tutors, Pluralsight and Code School offers a chance for all to experience trusted professional creative and tech training, and join in the celebration of the Code School announcement.

The celebration comes as Pluralsight (, a global leader in online training for technology professionals, announced the acquisition of Code School, an online learn-to-code destination, for $36 million. 
By acquiring Code School, Pluralsight’s portfolio of e-learning solutions now offers a broader range of coding courses and learning styles, providing an end-to-end solution for users of all levels and skill sets. 

The acquisition of Code School is Pluralsight's sixth in the past 18 months, continuing the company’s aggressive expansion in the e-learning industry, which Global Industry Analysts (GIA) projects to be a $107 billion market in 2015. While several of the company’s acquisitions have focused on adding learning content, Pluralsight's most recent acquisition of Boston-based Smarterer for $75 million was to create a more advanced and credible industry standard for skills measurement. The company also acquired Oklahoma City-based Digital-Tutors for $45 million to expand into online training courses for designers, digital artists and other creative professionals. This series of acquisitions has made Pluralsight one of the world's largest, most comprehensive online learning platforms, with nearly 4,000 courses.

With the addition of Code School, Pluralsight can now reach developers at all stages of their careers, including those who have limited coding experience. Pluralsight’s market consolidation has been fueled by the Utah-based company’s $162.5 million in venture backing from Insight Venture Partners, ICONIQ Capital and Sorenson Capital.
Founded in 2011, Code School has embarked on a rapid growth path on the strength of its signature teaching style. It excels at explaining complicated topics in a simple way through interactive in-browser coding challenges that allow members to win badges and earn points as they experiment with a technology. 

In addition to 72 hours of free access for interested learners, Code School will also release one Pluralsight course for 10 consecutive weeks on its site, allowing subscribers to explore additional technology topics. Pluralsight subscribers can also benefit from Code School’s free courses to acquire new skills through complementary and interactive learning methods.