Digital Rebellion Adds Updates to Kollaborate Software
February 10, 2015

Digital Rebellion Adds Updates to Kollaborate Software

LOS ANGELES – Digital Rebellion, developers of video workflow efficiency software tools, has added an array of new innovations to the Kollaborate cloud-based review and approval software solution.

The Kollaborate workflow platform transforms the creative production/post process by providing users a reliable and cost-effective suite of tools to streamline video and audio workflows. Kollaborate features instant real-time feedback, flexible remote collaboration tools and full integration with common professional interchange formats like marker lists and XML. 

Important new updates in Kollaborate 1.3 accelerate creative control and simplify the way video production teams work together and share content.Among the key benefits to Kollaborate is the integration with free desktop and mobile helper tools that provide a wide range of functions including cloud upload, note-taking and playing back video and audio content

New in Kollaborate 1.3:

  • New comment sorting and filtering features offer more ease and flexibility for effortless communication of information.
  • Improved color-coded tasks with batch management features streamline workflows and keep creative teams on track.
  • Refined project management acceleratescollaboration and allows anyone to see who has viewed a file, as well as send reminders to view content.
  • Free Kollaborate Plugin Pack enhances productivity and saves time uploading timelines from Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere Pro for Mac directly to the cloud.
  • Free Kollaborate Folder Watcher app offers a more efficient way to manage uploads by setting up watch folders that automatically upload content to the cloud. 

A video overview of the new features in Kollaborate can be found at