Digital Anarchy Releases Beauty Box Video 4.0
July 9, 2015

Digital Anarchy Releases Beauty Box Video 4.0

SAN FRANCISCO – Digital Anarchy has released Beauty Box Video 4.0 for Avid and OpenFX. This upgrade adds near real-time rendering to the plug-in for removing blemishes and wrinkles from film, 4K, and HD. 

Beauty Box Video 4.0 adds in support for Nvidia’s CUDA, providing a big boost in rendering speeds on those GPUs. It also further refines OpenCL support and increases rendering speed on AMD GPUs. 

Beauty Box Video 4.0 solves problems by giving subjects an incredible makeover in post-production, using state-of-the-art face detection, masking, and smoothing algorithms that preserve important details and the natural skin texture. All this combines to create realistic digital makeup. The retouching is subtle and the resulting video looks natural creating a look that is indistinguishable from real makeup.

Beauty Box Video 4.0 currently works in Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro and Apple’s Final Cut Pro X, Avid, DaVinci Resolve, Assimilate Scratch, and other host applications that use the OpenFX API.

Beauty Box Video 4.0 is priced at $199.