CGW Announces SIGGRAPH 2015 Best-of-Show Picks
September 11, 2015

CGW Announces SIGGRAPH 2015 Best-of-Show Picks

This year’s annual SIGGRAPH trade show and exhibition featured a number of new technologies and products, some of which we at  Computer Graphics World  magazine believe to have great potential to impact the industry. And for that reason, we have named them winners of CGW’s Silver Edge Award.

More information about the winners and why they were selected can be found in the September/October 2015 issue of CGW.

The CGW SIGGRAPH 2015 Silver Edge Award winners are:

Chaos Group’s V-Ray for Nuke

Fabric Software’s Fabric Engine 2.0

Nvidia’s DesignWorks

IKinema’s Intimate (code name) natural language animation interface

Thinkbox’s Deadline and Sequoia

Autodesk’s Stingray

Reallusion’s iClone Character Creator and Live Motion Capture System

Honorable mention: Faceware Technologies’ Faceware Live Unreal Engine plug-in

Special recognition: Christie’s projection technology

Special recognition: Pixar’s Universal Scene Description open-source project