Blue Zoo Creates Holiday Short
December 21, 2015

Blue Zoo Creates Holiday Short

LONDON — Blue Zoo Animation created a new holiday short that showcases the studio’s production capabilities. The CG More Stuff was rendered using Redshift as its backbone and showcases a collective of mischievous elves who mock public gluttony during the holiday season, as well as the tough working conditions at Santa’s workshop. The piece is animated around a lyric-driven composition that was written and produced by musical comedian Ben Champion. 

More Stuff by Blue Zoo Animation from Blue Zoo on Vimeo.

Blue Zoo had just eight weeks to deliver the two-minute piece, complete with its signing and dancing. “We had just three weeks for lighting and rendering which is a really big challenge,” notes Tom Box, co-founder & producer at Blue Zoo. “To deal with this, we opted to use Redshift, as we knew it could deliver the very high quality visuals we wanted without missing our strict deadline.” 

Redshift ( is a production-quality, final-frame GPU renderer, and Blue Zoo was an early adopter, putting it in place back in February of 2015. “The first things we made were the characters,” says Box, “the speed at which we could look develop these using Redshift was incredible. It set the team's render benchmark very high from the start, and was the main driving factor of the quality across the project from then on. They say you can't have quality, speed and budget efficiency at the same time – I think Redshift has well and truly broken that rule!”

Watch the making of More Stuff:

Making More Stuff! from Blue Zoo on Vimeo.