BenQ BL2711U Monitor Debuts
July 30, 2015

BenQ BL2711U Monitor Debuts

COSTA MESA, CA — BenQ America Corp. is now shipping its BL2711U design monitor. 

Engineered specifically for CAD/CAM professionals, animators, video editors, and graphic artists, BenQ's latest addition to its creative product class allows detail-oriented users to work on a screen environment tailored precisely to fit their needs. 

Featuring true-to-life 4K ultra-high-definition (UHD), 100% sRGB color, in addition to CAD/CAM and animation modes, the monitor unleashes new levels of precision with flexible customization tools that support the design process. 

BenQ's BL2711U joins the existing BL Series as the first 27-inch 4K monitor specifically created for design and engineering applications. Combining 100% sRGB with BenQ's IPS panel technology, users gain a precise 10-bit display that renders over one billion hues — ensuring that images are displayed with rich, life-like color integrity. Certified by SolidWorks, the BL2711U also covers the Rec. 709 color space while the unit's 3840 x 2160 resolution offers over 300% more work space when compared to traditional full HD displays. 

Featuring a CAD/CAM mode, the BL2711U allows professional engineers and designers to bring out detailed object wireframes in software packages such as Pro/E, SolidWorks, AutoCad, and CATIA. By automatically altering viewable color and contrast settings, the monitor lets users access highly detailed graphical information in order to increase accuracy in complex designs. For professional animators, the screen's Animation Mode provides 10 levels of display brightness to reveal details in darkened areas without overexposing brighter zones — allowing them to efficiently fine-tune their process. 

Now shipping, BenQ's BL2711U is available at a retail price of $679.