Autodesk Offers Free Beta of Memento Reality-Capture Tool
February 26, 2015

Autodesk Offers Free Beta of Memento Reality-Capture Tool

SAN FRANCISCO — Autodesk’s Memento, previously available as an Autodesk Labs technology preview, is now available as a free public beta, allowing users to digitize reality into high-definition 3D.

Memento acts as an end-to-end solution for converting any reality capture input (such as photos or scans) into 3D in the form of high-quality models. A 3D mesh can then be cleaned up, fixed, compared over time and optimized for further digital use.

Memento can handle two billion-plus polygon meshes, and no CAD expertise is required, making is accessible to a wide audience of users. Visual effects artists can use Memento to easily turn physical objects into digital assets. Artists and sculptors can reimagine their existing works by making a digital copy of the work. Museums can create digital archives of their collections and offer visitors online interactive experiences. And scientists can extend their research.

The beta release of Memento includes a new website with links to learning material and use cases. A 3D Online Gallery will soon be available for viewing and sharing 3D digitized models. Beta users will experience Memento first as a cloud-connected desktop app that will initially be available on the Windows platform, followed by a Mac version later in the quarter, followed by interactive 3D publishing on the Web soon after. 

Download the beta version at