Amulet Hotkey Combines Nvidia GRID & Dell Blade Technology
August 31, 2015

Amulet Hotkey Combines Nvidia GRID & Dell Blade Technology

DEVON, UK — Amulet Hotkey ( has launched the first Nvidia GRID vGPU capable Dell Blades, allowing enterprises to experience the full benefit of remote access to rich graphics applications using VMware Horizon 6 and vSphere 6. The new platform will be generally available in late October, though evaluation units are available immediately.
“The lack of rich 3D graphics on virtual desktops was a barrier to some organizations as the user experience was less than satisfactory,” says Phil Blades, chief marketing officer at Amulet Hotkey. “Nvidia GRID 2.0 removes this barrier and effectively enables IT managers to virtualize a whole new class of users. Nvidia GRID 2.0 with VMware Horizon and vSphere allows the market to expand for virtualization and accelerate enterprise adoption of desktop virtualization in 2015.”

Enterprise graphics virtualization with VMware Horizon 6 and vSphere provides a number of benefits. Enterprises can virtualize workflows for designers, architects and engineers to run the most advanced, graphics-rich applications from anywhere on any device with the new Nvidia GRID 2.0 solution. IT departments can support as many as 16 users on GPU-powered applications on a single blade server. It’s also cost-effective, as virtualized graphics for workers who don’t require maximum GPU performance can still benefit from GPU acceleration.

“Enterprise virtualization is transforming traditional enterprise desktops and applications, and our collaboration with Amulet Hotkey extends the transformation to high-end workstations and applications so organizations can benefit from the mobile cloud era,” says Joyce Mullen, VP/general manager global OEM solutions at Dell. “Specialized industries such as design agencies, automotive companies and architecture firms will be able to embrace business mobility to help retain talent, control costs and compete in the 21st century.”
“By bringing a great computing experience to users, Nvidia and Amulet Hotkey are expanding the possibilities for enterprise-wide workflow virtualization,” adds Andrew Cresci, GM of the Nvidia GRID business. “Nvidia GRID 2.0 delivers the best graphics performance to an industry leading virtualization platform on the Amulet Hotkey M630 DXM-M6 blade server.”
The Dell M630 blade is the 13th generation of the Dell blade platform and offers dual processor servers with Intel’s latest generation of Xeon processors and up to 768GB of DDR4 memory. The Dell M1000e blade chassis can accommodate 16 M630 blades in 10u of rack space. Theoretical maximum density for the M630 combined with the Amulet Hotkey DMX-M6 (powered by GRID 2.0) indicates that a single M1000e chassis can accommodate 256 graphics users in a virtualized environment (VDI).