ATTO Ships FastFrame 40GbE Card
September 23, 2015

ATTO Ships FastFrame 40GbE Card

AMHERST, NY — ATTO Technology, Inc. ( is now shipping its FastFrame 40GbE network interface card. The new addition to the FastFrame line builds upon the company’s current 10GbE offerings in providing a high throughput solution for aggregation level use in data centers, for cloud deployments, and for latency-sensitive high performance applications.
“IT professionals are looking to 40GbE to drive data center aggregation level traffic,” says Tim Klein, CEO of ATTO Technology. “With the industry’s lowest latency, ATTO FastFrame 40GbE NICs enable higher performance than competitors and permit significantly faster transport of large amounts of data or large files. Enhancements including RoCE support and Energy Efficient Ethernet also allow FastFrame 40GbE NICs to offer higher ROI than competitors by maximizing resources and minimizing OPEX.”

The throughput and ultra-low latency provided by ATTO’s 40GbE NIC is the result of Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) over Converged Ethernet (RoCE), a feature that uses zero copy data transfers to permit efficient data movement between servers and storage and to free up host CPUs for other tasks. With less than 1 microsecond latency, RoCE enables near-line speed transfers for more efficient resource usage. Reduced CPU utilization makes FastFrame 40GbE ideal for mission-critical tasks including virtual machine support, while Energy Efficient Ethernet results in up to 200% lower power consumption than the competition. 

ATTO FastFrame 40GbE NICs are available now in single and dual-port versions with optional QSFPs. In addition to supporting Windows™ and Linux server and desktop operating systems, a FastFrame 40GbE Mac® OS X driver is planned for release in Q1 2016.

ATTO also released Xtend SAN V.4.0, the company’s Mac OS X iSCSI initiator. Xtend SAN V.4.0 represents a major overhaul and includes a refreshed GUI and other enhancements to ensure optimal performance of block-based iSCSI transfers in OS X environments.