@Xi Computers Unveils New Line of Xeon-Based Workstations
November 25, 2015

@Xi Computers Unveils New Line of Xeon-Based Workstations

SAN CLEMENTE, CA — @Xi Computers has unveiled a new MTower line of workstations based on overclocked Intel Xeon processors. 
Xi MTower workstations sport the latest V.3 edition Intel Xeon 1650 and 1660 processors, clocked at over 4GHz and configurable with the newest generation of Nvidia Quadro Maxwell video cards. Single socket, Xeon workstation performance is now delivered by the Xi MTower PCIe, with a full eight-core clock speed of 4.10 GHz, four channel interleave 2133 DDR4 scalable to 64GB.

“Thanks to our extensive research efforts we are now able to provide an exclusive combination of high number of cores, with the reliability of a Xeon processor, at extremely high clock rates of up to 4.2GHz, still saving over $400 against the slower E5-1680,” says Robert Bragaglia, marketing director at Xi Computer. “Using the latest in cooling and sound proofing technology, this combination of high clock speed, six & eight cores, is the ideal solution for the professional demanding, at the same time, fast single core interactive response and strong simulation multi threads capabilities.” 

The new Xi Workstations can be custom configured and ordered directly from the company Website (www.xicomputer.com).