The Mill Designs, Animates Short for The Fableists
November 17, 2014

The Mill Designs, Animates Short for The Fableists

LONDON — The Mill+’s ( design and animation team recently collaborated with agency Brothers & Sisters to create a colorful, charming short film for The Fableists, a sustainable children’s fashion brand that doesn’t employ sweatshops or chemicals. 
The film is narrated by Jennifer Saunders and tells the story of a young girl, who goes on a whimsical journey initiated by a loose thread on her t-shirt.

The video was inspired by the illustrative and graphic style of The Fableists’ T-shirts, and by the concept of how a child might see the world. Mill+ animation directors Kwok Fung Lam and Ivo Sousa created an animation sequence using exaggerated angles, bold colors, distorted reality and tight cameras. 

Artists used a range of techniques to bring this project to fruition. Style frames were drawn up in Photoshop. The character animation was drawn frame by frame in Flash, with other elements being completed in Maxon's Cinema 4D before the whole piece was composited together in Adobe's After Effects and Premiere. 
Smith & Elms at Eclectic handled the sound.