The Foundry Brightens Maxon Cinema 4D with ColorWay
September 9, 2014

The Foundry Brightens Maxon Cinema 4D with ColorWay

LONDON – Following the unveiling of ColorWay in July, The Foundry has now launched the ColorWay kit for Maxon Cinema 4D. 

ColorWay accelerates the creative design process, giving users access to a simple environment where they can develop looks and lighting for 3D objects and scenes, then share a selection of iterations with clients, all in real-time, without the need to re-render. 

The ColorWay kit for Cinema 4D lets users import and export their ColorWay files into the main app. Once installed, users can create ColorWay .DCI files from their Cinema 4D projects. Artists and designers can make their material and lighting adjustments using ColorWay and then send the project back to Cinema 4D for final render. The ColorWay kit is compatible with Cinema 4D R15 or later.

ColorWay Presenter and the kits for Cinema 4D and Modo are available now for free.