Taking Content Creation for Granite with Unity
November 4, 2014

Taking Content Creation for Granite with Unity

GHENT, BELGIUM – Graphine, a Belgian graphics middleware company delivering fine-grained texture streaming technology to the video game and 3D visualization industries, announced that its Granite for Unity, a Unity 3D plug-in of the company’s Granite SDK, is now available to download as part of its public beta program. 

Challenging the game development community to take advantage of the benefits of texture streaming, Graphine encourages game developers and development enthusiasts to download the plugin and create incredible looking scenes that wouldn't be possible in Unity otherwise. 

Starting with the launch of the public beta, Granite for Unity will be available to license on a per-seat basis. Granite for Unity licenses are offered in four varieties, each with their specialized feature set optimized for the specific needs of its various users. For example, Granite is now more accessible to the indie scene than ever before. There are versions available that cater to different kinds of visualization applications as well as games developed both in large and smaller teams. Granite for Unity comes in flavors to suit everyone’s taste. 

Granite minimizes memory usage, storage size and loading times while catering for massive amounts of unique texture data. The middleware supports all common texture formats. Granite is not only available as a feature-complete plugin for Unity, but also as a ready-to-use integration in the Unreal 4 Engine, as well as a stand-alone SDK. The SDK can be integrated into any modern 3D engine using any content production pipeline.