Storage Helps Hangman Studios Deliver The Rolling Stones Tour in 4K+
April 7, 2014

Storage Helps Hangman Studios Deliver The Rolling Stones Tour in 4K+

HSINCHU, TAIWAN and SON, THE NETHERLANDS – Hangman Studios is a pioneering production and post-production company from the UK specializing in music based projects who joined The Rolling Stones on tour, capturing all of the action in 4K+. 

Touring with The Rolling Stones and filming in 4K+ placed a serious demand by Hangman Studios for fast, reliable and large storage, but in a portable RAID package that could be taken on the road. Hangman Studios never had a solution that could allow them to edit high-resolution media effectively whilst on tour, but with their willingness to embrace change and adopt new technologies they turned to PROMISE Technology and the Pegasus2 hardware RAID storage solution with Thunderbolt 2.

PROMISE develops high-performance solutions optimized for the video bandwidth requirements of the media and entertainment market and its Pegasus2 line are the first hardware RAID 5/6 solutions with Thunderbolt 2, the revolutionary technology from Intel that delivers blazing speeds of 20Gbps and allows for exceptional performance for creative workflows and 4K streaming and display environments. Hangman Studios filmed a mixture of content daily from The Rolling Stones tour and offloaded the 4K+ footage onto Pegasus2 which they then edited natively within Final Cut Pro X with a new Mac Pro connected to the Pegasus2 via Thunderbolt 2. All media was DITed on location (at the venue) and edited continually for immediate deliveries and approvals with further editing occurring within hotel rooms. Hangman Studios relied on Pegasus2 as the heart of their operation whilst filming the tour as they were the backup and main production drives to work from, delivering content daily to very intense deadlines. Every few days Hangman Studios would pack up the Pegasus2 and the Mac Pro as hand luggage and fly to the next destination on the tour.

"Pegasus2 and Thunderbolt 2 opened a whole new way to look at creative workflows and that's really exciting because we love to push the boundaries on what is possible to help us deliver the most amazing results to our clients," said James Tonkin, Director, Hangman Studios.

"It's amazing to see how Pegasus2 has been a total game changer for Hangman Studios who now have the capability to partner the drives with a Thunderbolt 2 laptop or Mac Pro to create a portable, next generation desktop editing system," said John van den Elzen, Managing Director, PROMISE Technology EMEA.